25% OFF - Stormtrooper Strapping Kit 2 - Webbing and Quick Release System

25% OFF - Stormtrooper Strapping Kit 2 - Webbing and Quick Release System
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25% OFF - Stormtrooper Strapping Kit 2 - Webbing and Quick Release System

Are you planning on strapping your Stormtrooper Costume with Webbing and Quick Release Clips?

If the answer is yes, we have the perfect kit.

Remove all the hassle of finding a local haberdashery outlet and then having to guess what materials you need, which can also work out very expensive, because of the wastage.

The Stormtrooper Armour Strapping Kit 2 includes:

5 Metres of 25mm Black Webbing

10 x Deluxe Quick Release Clips

10 x Webbing Clips

Please Note: Instructions of how to strap your Armour are NOT included with this kit. You are always welcome to contact us for help and advice.  

The Stormtrooper Shop says: This Kit is great and reduces effort and reduces the cost of your project. You still require Velcro to finish your suit. The Stormtrooper Professional Armour Strapping Kit may be a better option if you are a first timer.

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