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Costume Group Profile - Agents of the Force  04/12/2017



Welcome to another profile in our Star Wars Costuming Groups series.
Thanks to Ben from Agents of the Force for chatting to us.
Star Wars Costume Group Agents of the Force

Tell us about about who you are and what you do.
We are Agents of the Force (AOTF). AOTF is a group for predominantly UK Comic Con based Star Wars costumers/cosplayers/enthusiasts that is open to all ages, species and Force affiliations!

We take pride in setting up Star Wars meet ups and photoshoots during comic con events that creates a safe place to which all are welcome, whether in cosplay or not, allowing a shared interest for all to flourish.

AOTF fills a gap in the Star Wars cosplay world whereby anyone can join. There are no strict standards by which you need to adhere to, unlike more official costume groups such as, 501st, UKG & Rebel Legion.

We understand that people have other commitments, income and skills, which can in some cases, limit what standard of costume they can reach, but through connecting to each other people find new and creative ways to get round cosplay hurdles.

As long as you have fun, share ideas & meet new, fun & interesting people we have achieved our goal.

Agents of the Force Costuming Group

Where are you located?
AOTF was founded initially within London and has since then expanded far beyond what the admins could have expected. We can be found at most London based comic cons such as MCM, London Film Comic and London Super Comic Con, but we also branch out a little to MCM in Birmingham as well and aim to continue to expand setting meet ups in various cons around the UK.

How long has the group been going?
Agents of the Force started back in 2013 between a few friends with a common interested and as a means of keeping in contact outside of the comic con environment.

How did you start?
Starting off originally as a way of keeping in contact with friends of around 20 people or so back in 2013, AOTF BOOMED in numbers attracting people from all aspects of comic con.

Star Wars Agents of the Force Group

How many members do you have and are you looking for more?
Since 2013 AOTF has grown to over 1200 members from all walks of life and we are always looking for new members. There is no requirement you need to adhere to in order to join, as long you have a love for Star Wars and looking for like minded people you are welcome.

How many events do you roughly attend a year?
Agents of the Force aims to do as many as possible, but on average around 6 meets ups a year at various comic con events. We also, aim to make social events outside comic con as well, where we are not all sweating our socks off.

Is there a particular charity that your group supports?
Agents of the Force is a group more focused on connections with one another and keeping in contact between cons, therefore our group does not organise troops whereby we raise money for particular charities, however through people we encounter within AOTF we can guide members to groups that do and thereby helping to connect everyone in the cosplay community together.

Agents of the Force Star Wars Cosplayers

What characters are in your group?

Given our name we tend to attract either Jedi or Sith both custom made or characters portrayed from the films, comics/novels or TV Series, but we do have other members that explore non force user characters for example, rebel pilots, Mando, Jawas and the classic Stormtroopers. All are welcome and we aim to include as many as possible

Do you have Star Wars Legends characters?
We have many members that cosplay very realistic Legend characters such as Revan, Kyle Katarn, and many more.

What entry requirements do you have?
Agents of the Force do not have any requirements members need to meet in order to participate in our events, as most of the time it is within Comic Con environments and therefore young children are accompanied by adults on entry.

What do you love about Star Wars and cosplay?
Star Wars brought Sci Fi out into the open for many and has helped to advance movies in relation to special effect that audiences can all appreciate today. Star Wars has such a rich history not just with fans but with the stories that they tell and what many can learn from them.

The benefit of cosplay is that adults can connect more with the franchise they love and be kids again while at the same time share their love for Star Wars with their children who are being introduced to the new heroes and villains in the universe of Star Wars. Star Wars and cosplay has helped bring many together and that is why AOTF loves Star Wars for the magic it brings along with it.

Star Wars Agents of the Force Cosplay Group

What’s the best thing about cosplaying for charity?
Cosplaying for charity is a bonus for many and a win win all round, as you're not just having fun living the characters you have created trough long hours and thorough research, but the enhancing the general public's experience by bringing the characters they have grown up with to life for which they will cherish forever.

What advice can you give for people looking to join a costuming group?
For anyone looking to join any sort of costuming group I would advise go to a comic con first, not in costume. The reason for this is so that you can see everyone is costume yourself and become inspired, ask cosplayers questions about their costumes giving you possible ideas how to make your own, and there is a chance you may make connections of your own who can put in touch with costuming group at the event as well or be able to source material for your costume.

Star Wars Agents of the Force Charity Events

Where can people contact you?

For direct contact to one of the admins of AOTF feel free to contact us at adminteam@agentsoftheforce.co.uk.

Outside of comic con Agents of the Force can be found on various social media platforms such as:

•    Webpage - http://www.agentsoftheforce.co.uk/
•    YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWDnwttA_a2HqCLXAowaATw
•    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/Agentsoftheforce/
•    Twitter - https://twitter.com/agentsotforce

Agents of the Force Logo


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