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Star Wars News

Cosplayer of the Month 2017-2018  06/07/2018
One year ago today, we launched our "Cosplayer of the Month" competition and it has been a great success.
We would like to thank everyone who submitted their photos. We do keep all entries, so you never know when it could be you....
Congratulations to all of our winners and we look forward to seeing many more costumes in the year to come.

Winners Gallery:

Terms and conditions apply.
1. Please send a good quality high resolution photo of yourself wearing one of our replica costumes or including prominent parts/accessories purchased from us.
2. Please do not include minors in the image, unless you are their guardian and they are also in costume with you.
3. Please do not edit your photo.
4. Photos taken by a professional photographer or studio will not be eligbible, unless we have written permission from the artist to alter the image.

5. You are welcome to submit pictures of different costumes to us.
6. By submitting your photo you agree to have the image used on the Jedi-Robe.com website and social media channels for this and possible future promotions.
7. The decision of Jedi-Robe is final.